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and then put all the stuff on america's favorite family. it's a time capsule of the mistakes that shouldn't happen again. >> you say just to be fair there was a lot of hard work that went into it and you want to make sure that that is noticed by people. >> very good people did very good work. the whole thing didn't turn out so good, but good people were involved. >> i know you stay close to the ka of the and we still love each other. >> we're do. >> want to call you cindy so bodily, but susan, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> love to love you, bradys. a real caffeine buzz kill. the unbelievable amount of calories in your favorite coffee drinks, but first these messages. my health is important to me. it's critical that i stick to my medication. i cannot be one of the 61 million americans who do not refill their prescriptions on time. readyfill at cvs pharmacy automatically refills my prescriptions and reminds me to pick them up. you mean, reminds me to pick them up. [ chuckles ] stop by your local cvs pharmacy to ask if readyfill is right for you, and get a $25 coupon book. readyfill,
as look at life as a single mom of 14. >>> and coming to america. british singing sensation susan boyle reportedly plans to launch her professional career far from home, and that's got her fans here in america singing happy tunes. >>> "today saturday," august 1, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. coming up this morning, an olympic rematch. >> yes. former michael phelps, back in the pool at the world swimming championships in rome, facing the guy who almost spoiled his olympic gold medal winning streak. you'll certainly remember this race. the closest thing in phelps amazing olympic run. took it by a fraction of a second. the guy he beat, guess what? still think hess won. >> of course he does. i didn't get to go to a lot of events but i was at that "vent, and i mean, everyone was standing waiting to see what happened. i guess everyone was doing that at home, too. even if you saw it on the television screen -- >> looked like the same time. only one gip got the med
of less. [ horn honks ] new charmin ultra soft. america's softest bath tissue. but kellogg saw an opportunity to plus things up. we took out their peanuts... because adding almonds would be a plus. we'd be better off with less sugar. we traded milk chocolate... for the delicious taste of dark chocolate. also a plus. then we added 35% of your daily fiber... plus antioxidants, vitamin e, and zinc. ♪ fiberplus bars from kellogg. fiberplus so much more. >> announcer: today's back to school" is brought to you by totino's pizza rolls brand pizza snacks. >>> this morning on "back to school today," games, gadgets and gidz mows that can help your kids have a better school year. james, good to see you. we hear gadgets and games and video games, usually we think fun, distractions. you say some of this stuff now that's coming out can help augment your kids getting back to school. >> we used to think computers. now think alternate platforms like the nintendo wii. people have been using it for wii fit and brain games. now it goes to the youngest users with jump start rescue. this is differ
clinton, definitely america's eyes and ears on the ground in north korea and i'm sure he will be debriefed on that, as well, ann, the condition of jim congre kim jong-il, as well. president obama is going to address the nation with some comments in about six to eight minutes on the south lawn. we look forward to hearing what he had to say. to say there are a lot of winners here, the administration also are winners in this, as well. so many negotiations we now understand going on behind the scenes for the past four-plus months to try to get these women out of north korea. >> i think andrea brings up a very excellent point. why is it that the secretary of state is still calling this a private humanitarian mission when we are now hearing from a report from savannah guthrie and also others that there was a very deep, involvement by this obama administration that, in fact, it really was not a separate mission at all. so why is it that the administration is trying to keep this separate when, in fact, it looks like it was not? >> ann i think what they're saying is something different. what they'r
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labored on behalf of america's least powerful people, the mentally retarded. >> reporter: in 1984 she received the presidential medal of freedom, america's highest civilian honor. she was a devout roman catholic, and a believer in the power of the possible. >> i think that everywhere there are handicapped people. all over the world. now, where do we stop? and can i find them? i will find them. i will keep going until i find them. >> reporter: despite her pedigree in wealth, she retained a down-to-earth style. her brother bobby's high opinion of her place in the family dynasty was clear. he said she should have been president. if you ask most of my brothers, sister and cousins, they say they'd like to be like her. for more on the passi ining eun kennedy shriver let's go to andrea mitchell. i know she was surrounded by her family overnight. 5 children, 19 grandchildren. >> exactly. i think we'd all like to be like eunice shriver, echoing what bobby kennedy said. her death is the latest blow for the kennedy family. the white house has issued a statement today saying that she will be reme
' arrest, he says the discussion indicates that america has not yet moved into a post-racial era. >> issues of race and class are profound and deep. >> reporter: gates also spoke of future plans with his former adversary sergeant james crowley. >> i asked him to maybe go to a red sox game together, maybe go to a celtics game together. maybe to have dinner with our families. you know? why not? you know? i offered to get his kids into harvard. if he doesn't arrest me ever again. >> of course, we'll have to see what happens with the gates-crowley friendship but it does look like professor gates wants the incident to be the teachable moment that president obama spoke of a few weeks ago. >> nice he can laugh about it now. >> now, in hindsight. >> exactly. >>> still ahead, propofol, the drug at the center of michael jackson investigation, and what it does to the human body. we'll into the operating room. >>> rn o'alne opens up to "vanity fair" about his 30-year romance with farrah fawcett and his very rocky relationship with his children. right after this. >>> we are back at 7:44. during the 1980
moved their family here s many years ago. for the last 50 years it has been a place where america has looked to, in part to chart its political history. it is her where the kennedys waited the returns whenohn kenned ran for president in 1960. it is here where they celebrated weddings. caroli nnedy's wedding in 1986. maria shriver's wedding to now-governor of california arnold schwarzenegr. it's also herehere they have mourned the ones they love. john f. kennedy jr. ten years ago. eunice kennedy shriver two weeks o. and now senator edwardkennedy. ann and matt, backo you. >> anne thompson, thank you so ch. president obama who is spending the wk on martha's vineyard spoke with senator nnedy's wife ovnight. ron alan is covering the president's vacation. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. yes, president obama was informed the senator kennedy's passing around 2:00 a.m. this morning and he spoke with mrs. kennedy shortly thereafter. there had been a lot of speculation president obamwas gogo try and visit the kennedy compound but of course that was not meant to be. the preside
palin. she called this health plan of the president down right evil. she said "the america i know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with down syndrome will have to stand in front of obama's death panel so his brewer krats can decide whether they are worthy of health care. such a system is down right evil." what aspects of this plan is she talking about and is it true? >> the white house would say absolutely not true. they are talking about panels that are essentially government panels that have some relationship with the private sector as well that evaluate the effectiveness of certain procedures all in an effort to try to reduce costs in the health care system. opponents say that's just one element that makes this tantamount to a government takeover of health care. the white house says not at all the case. nevertheless, you see a big political statement. a lot of respect thirnlg they can use this argument to tank this reform effort. >> david gregory, thanks for the time this morning. >>> we want to get a check of some of the other morning headlines. for that, cnb
lost movie maker john hughes was the creative force behind some of america's most beloved and iconic movies. especially about being a teen in america from "the breakfast club" to "ferris bueller's day off" to "home alone." we'll take a look back at a storied career. he passed away on thursday, 59. just walking on the street here in manhattan. >> for the latest news now let's go inside and check in with ann curry. ann? >> all right, thanks a lot, al. good morning, once again, everybody. in the news today, this morning encouraging news about the economy. and a sign the recession may be easing. the nation's unemployment rate fell in july to 9.4%. a drop of 0.1% from the month before. the unemployment report is better than analysts had expected. and even so, the economy did lose 247,000 jobs in july. and almost 15 million americans are now still looking for work. >>> one of the world's most wanted terrorists is believed to have died. both the u.s. and pakistan believe the taliban commander baitullah mehsud was killed by a u.s. drone missile strike earlier this week. mehsud was blamed for
this is a debate about america's role in the economy, and how actively the federal government should get involved. >> reporter: the white house isn't buying the hype. even blaming the media for ginning up this story. >> i doubt we're seeing a representative sample of any series of town hall meetings, despite the food fight on cable every day. >> reporter: but with cable hosts calling him racists and questioning president obama's citizenship, and demonstrators portraying him as a nazi with a socialist agenda, is this going down a dangerous road for the gop? >> republicans run the risk of overplaying their hand and they themselves being associated with very extreme charges and extreme rhetoric, and that can backfire. >> reporter: and white house aides even believe that the angry pictures might stiffen the spines of some wavering congressional democrats and get health care passed more quickly. another unintended consequence could be a more united gop going into the 2010 election year. >> it's the most unified republicans have been since president obama won the election. >> reporter: now, matt, don't
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championed in life, and he lived his life making sure that america realized some of those dreams. >> he sure did. the number of bills and is things that he passed. >> 2,500. >> that is amazing. >> legislative career, unbelievable. >> i guess it's time to check the weather. mr. rockier? >> absolutely. we show you what's going on right now, all eyes in the tropics, a tropical wave looks like it could become tropical storm danny, 475 miles east of nassau in the bam hamas moving west-northwest, making it a potent rain maker for the weekend. at home, strong storms training from detroit to kansas city and wichita. some storms may dump from 1 to 3 inches of rain. some areas as much as 5 inches. >> and i state time high of 90 degrees in central maryland. not too moist outside. humidity not really a factor. 90 on the >>> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. when we come back, msnbc's chris matthews talks about his special documentary on the legacy of the kennedy brothers. that's after these messages. >>> we're back now with more on the life and death of senator ted kennedy. and c
to colombia in south america. soon an announcement from sheriff david morgan. >> mr. tice is a person of interest in the billings case. >> reporter: tice is questioned for three hours. but so far, he is only charged with grand theft for allegedly writing $17,000 in bad checks to the billings finance company, whirlco. he's out now on $5,000 bail. >> there is no evidence that links me any way to this murder. if it had been, i would be in jail right now. >> reporter: now, in an exclusive interview with "dateline," cab tice tells his side of the story and defends himself. the name cab tice keeps coming up, you're the guy that's somehow behind all of this. why did they come up with your q no carrierlistort encoder cf10 >> the billings family's attorney says they never heard a word about any irs investigation. she says -- >> tune in to a special "dateline" nbc "no safe place," tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central time right here on nbc. >>> still ahead, an exclusive interview with a man whose new wife allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill him. after this. >>> still ahead, much more with kate
. >> "travel and leisure" readers love austin. we most america's favorite city survey every year where we like people what they like about cities across the country. for austin they consistently say they love the friendly residents, the fun and night life in the bars and the the live music. it is a little toasty but we recommend texans go there. they know a thing or two about air conditioning. >> nice place to see, the san jose hotel? >> the hotel san jose is hip, modern, has a fun look. it is set in the hippest area, the south congress district. there is lots of great bohemian bars and restaurants and it is also right next door to town lake, a big reservoir in the center of town. you can explore on a bike if you like. >> charlottesville, georgia. >> we like charlottesville. this is a great destination for people that live in the beltway and want to get out and get into the countryside quickly. it is just two hours outside of d.c. and all of a sudden are you in this landscape of rolling hills, picket fences, historic sites and there's also this really great wine scene that's been developing th
. >>> if you're looking for the next big star here in the states, tune in to an all-new count "america's got talent" right here 9:00, 8 central right here on nbc. >>> the powerful new psa aimed at getting teens to think twice before they text and drive. that's right after this. o >>> 7:42. now to a powerful new videotape that's become an internet sensation. if your teenager has not seen it, you might want to show it to them. it is designed to send a message about texting while driving. tom costello has details. >> reporter: good morning. it is the start of the school year, a lot of teens getting behind the wheel. the point of this video is to convince teens to keep these in their pockets, their purses, in the trunk. it is a graphic video but it does make an impression. from a police department in britain, haunting video, a dr dramatization aimed at a specific audience. a driver named cassie survives, but the accident she causes kills four people. texting while driving is a global problem crossing every age group. here in the u.s., 25 died and more than 100 were injured after a los angeles tr
% of the taxes. when you look out over the next 50 years and have a long view of america, we're going to have toics and the tax base. we have 40% of americans who work, who pay no federal income tax, and that's just unsustainable over time. so eventually we're going to have to expand the tax base in this country to get more people in the game in terms of paying federal income tax. the sustained programs we already have that are, quite frankly unsustainable at the current revenue. >> you're saying the president cannot hold to that campaign promise? >> i don't think anybody over time can deal with medicare and social security, which are trillions of dollars underfunded, without tremendous reform and looking at ways to generate more revenue. you've got to reform the programs, generate more revenue, but you can't tax your way into solvency when it comes to medicare, which is $36 trillion underfunded. >> one of the programs in the stimulus package is cash for clunkers, which seems to have been a success. it's bringing people into the dealerships. cars are being sold. but the administration has sai
is now saying she knows the reason why. richard hatch's big mouth helped him become america's first reality tv superstar, outwitting, outplaying and outlasting the other contestants to win $1 million on the first "survivor." but it looks like his mouth did him in as well. landing him back behind bars after a series of interviews this week. his first since he spent nearly four years in prison after he was convicted of not paying taxes on his winnings. while he was out on house arrest, hatch broke his silence tuesday on "today," an interview which had been cleared in advance with federal prison officials. he told matt he was the victim of discrimination because he's gay. >> what do you think happened? >> well, i know, without question, that there are personal issues involved for the prosecutor. i don't know why. the prosecutorial misconduct has been egregious. >> reporter: but the man who was the u.s. attorney overseeing the case told us, the "survivor" star needs to drop the conspiracy theory. >> the case was structured around the fact that here was a guy who had received a check for
on board, miniature golf. >> coming out this fall, also holland america. >> holland america has the "oosterdam." seven-night cruises for $399 in the mexican river yarra. that's less than $60 a day. it's an inside cabin. just go up on deck and take a look at the ocean. >> odds are if you're in the cabin you're probably sleeping anyway. >> thank you very much. thursday try the veal. now one of the big names, i'm shocked at this. "queen mary ii" from cunard. that's a name people know. you say they've got a heck of a deal. >> i did it last summer. it's cunard, it's not a cruise ship, it's an ocean liner. >> what's the difference? >> it more of a transportation where there's so much to do on board. they're offering a special from united kingdom, southampton to new york in october, $995 for a six-night voyage. there's so much to do on board. planetarium. they have a canyon ranch spa. they have the largest orchestra at sea. this is a ship, it's a magnificent city. >> wow. that's amazing. >> and if you bring your dog, they have dog kennels on board. >> do a lot of people do that? >> peo
innovation today for america's tomorrow. thanks! no problem! >> good morning, everyone. ione rob rgo lin. it is 8:26. here is a look at some of our top stories this morning. homicide det jlttives are investigating a shooting in west baltimore this morning which hg,pened shortly after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. ng.olice re youonded to a call finding a man shot several times in the back. he was rushed to the hospitaterm there is no word on his condition. due to the severity of his wounds ou homicide detectives he been called in. >> police are cremting city watch cameras with helping them capture a 17-year-o. t murder suspect. cameras caught a fight between two groups of boys in the 3as block of north pack -- jlcca street. officers say he -- skinner took out aulnie wi and stabbed the victim in the chest. he's charged with murdeitt as'm Ãm- p andcuarious weapons charges. >> a teenager that admitted taking part in a f onpe omman n will spend the rest of the summer in juvenile detension. ththe western maryland children's Ãofenter until amer ustess 0. he must also pay $1 thousand 800 in resti
... the people of ge are working together... creating innovation today for america's tomorrow. thanks! no problem! >>> a little dreary outside, and rain in some spots. we have a thunderstorm watch. a lot of weather going on today. we will have more in just a few moments when our meteorologist, steve villanueva joins us. good morning. it's sunday, august 2nd, 2009. the weather service says one tornado had top speeds of 90 to 100 miles per hour, and the other to 100 to 110 miles per hour. both hit toward iamsville. >>> a woman set to turn 100 gets robbed in her own home. police are looking for the two suspects. somebody called the 99-year-old to take an in-home survey. after they arrived the men held her down and took her belongings. the woman is expected to be okay. >>> and a memorable evening for paul mccartney fans last night. traffic caused some concertgoers to miss the first part othe concert. your weather is coming up next. vo: since 2006, walmart has sold over 260 million compact fluorescent light bulbs. saving our customers over 7 billion dollars on their electric bills. save money. live be
be a mistake. >> it's about what you value, and if america is going to continue to be a forward-looking, exploring, pioneers nation or not. >> we set goals and amendment to provide the funding to achieve them. this is not a case study of excellence in national leadership. >> reporter: with "discovery" sitting on the pad for tuesday's launch, nasa's future has never been less certain. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >>> and the white house issued this response to the report, "the committee hasn't yet finalized its work or delivered the final report. once we receive the report the administration will move swiftly to review the thoughts put forth by the committee but at the end of the day the president will make the decision, not a committee." >>> be right back. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> good morning. i'm kate amara. it is 7:25. here is a look at some of the stories we're covering this morning. baltimore city police are investigating what could become the city's 143rd homicide of the year. around 9:30 this night officers were called to jefferson and north collington ave
to solve the education problem, then that's something all of america can degree we can solve. came into my office, i kept on doing a double take. >> reverend sharpton and speaker gingrich are with us this morning to announce a multi-city tour calling for an equal opportunity to quality education. guys, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> newt, let me start with you. let's just be blunt about it. on many, many major issues concerning americans in this country, you and al sharpton did not see eye to eye, so what is it about this issue that can bring you two together? >> well, i think that he has it exactly right. education has to be the number one civil right of the 21st century. and i've been passionate about reforming education ever since the report, a nation at risk back in 1983. and we can't get it dan as a partisan issue. frankly, the president is essentially right about the need to go to open charter schools across the whole country, to have accountability for the quality of teaching, and the quality of schools, to give parents the right to know, and the right to put their
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care debate as he did with the details of his plan. >> whenever america has said about solving our toughest problems there have always been those who sought to preserve the status quo by fearing american people. i just lost my grandmother last year. i know what it's like to watch somebody you love who is aging deteriorate. >> reporter: during the q&a, the president faced some tough questioners. >> i'd love to have a debate, just all-outany time oxford style if you like. >> reporter: university of colorado state a 2008 mccain volunteer challenged the president to explain how private insurance companies could compete against the government. the president repeated a refrain he's used in other town halls taking a shot at the u.s. postal service. >> ups and fedex are doing a lot better than the post office. >> reporter: afterwards lane said he wasn't satisfied with mr. obama's answer in the public option. >> i didn't want any generalities or philosophical and i felt like i got those. >> reporter: did the president hit that the public option might not be in the final bill, not quite but
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in america where everyone could make a contribution, where a man will be measured not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. >> each of us must do his individual cause to end the suffering. to feed the hungry. to heal the sick. to strengthen and renew the national spirit. >> for all those whose cares have been our concerns, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die. >> as long as i have a voice in the united states senate, it's going to be for that democratic platform plank that provides equal quality health care, east and west, north and south for all american as a matter of right and our privilege. >> the fundamental test of our society is how it leads the least powerful among us. >> we must raise the glass ceiling that stretches across our government and our economy so that at long last all americans will be equal in life as well as in law. >> there is a new wave of change all around us, and if we set our compass true, we will reach our destination. not merely victory for our party but renewal for our nation. >> i l
? >> ralph. >> ralph the penguin, all of america is concerned about ralph. >> his feathers will grow back hopefully. >> keep hope alive. >> thank you, joe. >>> here's lester. >> should have joe introduce our whole show. all right. amy and joe, thanks. >>> want to talk about the major fire burning this morning in one of california's most scenic areas, santa cruz county south of san francisco. it's proven to be a tough fire to fight in rugged terrain, that's close to heavily populated areas. nbc's michael owe cu joins us from davenport, california, with more. michael, good morning. >> good morning, lester. that's right. the wildfire has now scorched more than 5,000 acres and california's lieutenant governor has now declared a state of emergency here in santa cruz county. >> water dropping helicopters filling up in the coastal wetlands north of davenport, california. in a race against time, more than 600 fire fighters have trying to gain control of the wildfire. still raging in the steep, remote canyons and within miles of a thousand homes and buildings. >> what makes it a tough fire? >> the
." the real-life inspiration that helped bring america's favorite cooking legend to the big screen has fans saying, bon appetit. >>> "today's" saturday, august 8, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good saturday morning, everyone. welcome to "today." i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolfe in for amy robach. a lot of buzz about this movie today. >> if you know julia child, seen her and see think, it's like, wow. >> not only that, parodies of it, but she does it really, really well. yeah. >> doesn't overflay. anyway, the movie intertwines two stories, playing julia child before she was a famous chef and another story of a young woman whose unusual fascination changed her life and inspired the film. we'll meept her coming up later on the program. >>> also the question that has hollywood buzzing this morning. hoop going to replace paula abdul on "american idol"? we'll run through a list of celebrity contender, and get paula's departure plans. >>> and the first lady of south carolina moves out of the governor's mansion. about six weeks since her husband, mark sanford, publi
's bringing new life to east st. louis. >> reporter: it's been called the backbone of america. one highway that cuts through the heart of a changing nation. and every crossroad, a new story. u.s. highway 50 heading west from the eastern shore of maryland. we're going to take this road all the way to california in search of the american character. >> you can live anywhere but you don't have to live anyhow. >> reporter: pastor kendall granger, mile 973 east st. louis, illinois. >> my goal is bring our community together and rebuild families. >> reporter: these streets in the shadow of st. louis, missouri, have long been plagued with poverty, unemployment and one of the highest crime rates in the united states. >> we can say we got t short end of the stick. we aren't playing on a level field. we could keep saying that but it doesn't change t fact that we still have responsibility in the midst of what we're doing. we have to do it. >> reporter: he believes nothing willhange until they address the crisis of families without fathers. >> we have about 75% of our families being headedy single mom
by foot, or by riding the largest aerial tram in north america. and while these days the trails are full of hikers, make no mistake, in a few short months this becomes a winter playland, for skiers, skaters, and before long, our own crew. with miles of wooded trails at our fingertips, grouse mountain will offer a unique vantage point to report on the games and make some memories of our own. >> it's just a magical place. because you're so close to an amazing city, and yet you're in the wilderness at the same time. >> reporter: and at over 4,000 feet, the view from grouse is spectacular. overlooking a city ready for the world's attention and its moment in history. cannot wait. .> oh, so exting. >> can't wait to see what you and matt do in spandex. >> oh, no, we're going beyond that. >>> a cloudy wednesday underay in the nation's capital. it's 7:56, 75 degrees, this wednesday, august 12, 2009. good morning. in the news at this hour, police in fairfax county think they may have caught a murder suspect on tape. the body of a 53-year-old, chung aw was found in annandale back on july 24th. poli
they were treated. but, there's enormous relief, not just in the families, but in america, that our government has gone to the well to release and help detainees around the world. and i think that's a very important message. >> all right, new mexico governor bill richardson. leave it at that. thank you so much. >> thank you. >>> and now let's get a check of the morning's other top stories from ann curry over at the news desk. >> all right, good morning, meredith. good morning, everybody. in the news also this morning, today in iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad was sworn in for a second term asresident. he appealed for unity, even as protesters outside chanted death to the dictator. opposition leaders claimed that ahmadinejad stole the election, and when asked if the u.s. now recognizes ahmadinejad as president, white house press secretary robert gibbs called him, the elected leader of iran. >>> a suspected u.s. missile strike killed at least two people today in pakistan. among them a wife of a top taliban leader. louisville kentucky is recovering from some severe flooding brought on by more
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. no. the house is yellow. a lot of people that's a strong color. >> it's a strong color. in america on a colonial house the number two choice after white that people prefer. put it on a modern ranch and it's going to be god-awful so it has to be on theig sty tyle house. >> columbus,s l a this iarge a large one, five bedrooms, just under $400,000, built in 1925. why do you like this lone? >> i like this house because it's large and the price is good $399,900. the previous family that lived here raised 12 children in this hohous >> wow! tooo tspare, a full five bedros and a few doors down f tmndhe very famous johnny depp recent movie "brothel," sorry, "public enemies" movie, where the brothel scene was and that's caused a lot of attention on the neighborhood and increased the value of the homes in the neighborhood. >> it looks like an old english home. >> it's an old english home. they haven't ripped out anything that was beautiful. they simply refurbished it and most of the old english tudor don't have bathrooms, this has five bedrooms and bathrooms. >> it's right next to madison,
a couple of months ago for the best coffee in america to brew up something special for us. if you're going to do a french press, you want the coorsest grind. if you're going to do a drip taerks a medium grind. you want to be sure to get the right grind. otherwise it won't taste. >> the press is simple. add boiling water. >> let it sit. depending how strong you like it, you press it down. the only thing i don't like about french press -- i do like the taste of it -- they are horrible to clean. all the grinds get in that filter on the bottom and they're tough. it's very dramatic looking, it's not necessarily the best cup of coffee you can buy. >> you can control the taste of at least how strong it is? >> exactly. >> percolator makes the strongest coffee? >> strongest coffee. grandmothers always had that coffee going, that coffee pot. it's because caffeine gets transmitted to the water by time and pressure, if you would. percolator, you don't have a lot of pressure, but the coffee keeps percolating, if you would. the latest mr. coffee, this is $49. >> it has a lot of bells and whistles on it.
on what trey said, she's had a rocky seven years, drug rehab stint, divorce from bobbi brown. is america ready to reembrace her? not just her music, but the whole concept of whitney houston? >> we love a comeback, ike and tina turner, we went out in droves to see what's love got to do with it. we've been waiting for her to come back to realize you are better than this guy, be the diva that you were, come back. we definitely are ready for her to come back. that's definitely one of the reasons why clive davis was able to get half the music industry in new york, lincoln center just to see her. you know what i mean? i think we're all anxious for that. >> one thing i did read is that she will not be giving many -- or any live interviews and will not really be touring at all. why is that? does she not want to put herself out there? >> i mean at her age it's going to be difficult to do those big songs, big note, use that voice the way she used to do, night after night. she's going to need two, three, four nights to rest the voice before she can go again. here is another problem for her. at her
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